How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?

, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?
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Netflix Party is a fresh way to see Netflix together with your friends & family on the internet. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback also provides a set group chat with your favorite Netflix shows.


, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?

How to use Netflix Party to stream movies with your friends?

Your friends do not have to be in precisely the same area to talk about a Netflix film; you can simultaneously watch and talk about precisely the same movie wherever you’re in the world.

While there is not a video or audio conference alternative, Netflix Party’s chat feature will enable guests to socialize with each other whilst viewing by permitting you to upload screenshots, emojis, and GIFs as you see your shared content. Essentially, it’s like instant or texting messaging someone whilst viewing your movie.

How to use & install Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is available via a Chrome extension that lets you watch the same picture as your buddies at precisely the same moment. It also enables you to chat onscreen with your buddies. Its the new way of watching movies together, more social.

To get Netflix Party to work, all your buddies must be operating the Chrome browser along with also the Netflix Party extension. To be precise, you cannot watch it on your iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone.

  • Step 1: To begin using Netflix Party, download the extension from the button above. Click Add to Chrome when asked from another tab. A new icon named NP will appear in the top right of your browser window.
    Open Netflix and start enjoying the movie together. By default, everyone invited can control the Netflix Party; however, you can alter it by ticking the option box.
  • Step 2: Begin the Netflix Party click on Start the Party.

, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?

  • Step 3: This pop-up will offer a shareable connection link that you could send to your buddies. You and your friends can chat with one another by simply typing into the area to the best of this film and hitting Enter.

, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?

To finish the Netflix Party click the NP icon and select Disconnect.

Smart Tip: If your group is bigger than two people, control the playback controls to minimize playback disorder and confusion.

Can you use Netflix Party on Your Phone?

Yes, it is possible now.

However, there wasn’t any program that will allow you to watch Netflix together in your Android or iOS device.

Luckily, there’s a new program named Rave, which lets you sync with your Netflix playback with distant buddies. It is free, accessible for the two Android and iOS.

, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?
, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?
Developer: Rave Inc.
Price: Free+
, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?
, How to Host a Netflix Viewing Party?

Netflix Party is not the only method to host a digital watch party. If you would like to view and listen to friends and family through your webcams while viewing Netflix, you can set up Scener.

If you would rather watch a movie on YouTube or even Hulu, then you may utilize Metastream, which includes a text chat attribute such as Netflix Party, or you may attempt TwoSeven, which lets you view YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, or even HBO Today while video chatting with friends and family.

Join over 1,000,000 individuals and utilize Netflix Party to join with host and friends long-distance film nights and TV watch parties now!

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