VIDEO: Japanese Deputy PM Says WHO Should be Renamed ‘CHO’ (Chinese Health Organization)

, VIDEO: Japanese Deputy PM Says WHO Should be Renamed ‘CHO’ (Chinese Health Organization)

Japanese Deputy Prime Minister and pro-Taiwan advocate Taro Aso had some harsh words for the World Health Organization and its compliance with Chinese Communist Party propaganda on Sunday.

Speaking to Japanese lawmakers, Taro Aso referenced a petition calling for the removal of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“Although the details are murky, the WHO’s previous Director-General was a Chinese national, and at the time, there were complaints all around,” Taro Aso said. “And now, at least, the petition has gathered three hundred thousand signatures, or rather, five hundred thousand signatures.”

“People think the World Health Organization should change its name. It shouldn’t be called the WHO, it should be renamed the Chinese Health Organization (CHO). This appeal is truly resonating with the people,” the vice PM said.

“Early on, if the WHO had not insisted to the world that China had no pneumonia epidemic, then everybody would have taken precautions. The WHO, which is a global organization, does not even include Taiwan, and then precisely because Taiwan is not a member of the WHO, it becomes a world leader in fighting the epidemic,” Taro Aso continued.

“After that statement is made, the CCP jumps out to correct it, it says Taiwan is a region, not a country.”

The WHO has come under intense criticism for essentially acting as the medical propaganda wing of the CCP.

The petition referenced by Taro Aso lays out a timeline and case for the WHO Director-General to be removed for spreading Chinese propaganda.

The petition has accumulated close to 700,000 signatures at the time of writing this post.

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