Man Fined US$33,000 For Breaking Quarantine Rule In Taiwan

, Man Fined US$33,000 For Breaking Quarantine Rule In Taiwan

The unnamed man, who was supposed to be doing 14-days mandatory self-isolation at home after returning from Southeast Asia, was caught partying in Taipei during a routine police check at a nightclub on Sunday.

The man had an expensive night out after he was fined Tw$1 million (US$33,000) because he skipped quarantine to go clubbing, authorities said Monday.

“Those who are caught going out to places that have big crowds and are not well ventilated will be sent to centralized epidemic prevention facility and fined Tw$1 million,” said New Taipei city mayor Hou Yu-ih.

“I will not be soft-handed,” he added.

Despite being so close to the original outbreak in mainland China, Taiwan has reported just 195 confirmed cases, including two deaths. Taiwan has now banned entry to foreigners and ordered all nationals to return to self-quarantine for two weeks. The $Tw1 million fine can be doubled for anyone who takes public transport.

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