How wildlife trade is linked to coronavirus & why the disease first appeared in China?

As of March 2020, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has killed over 100,000 individuals and is currently in over 200 countries.

This is not a new occurrence for China; in 2003, the SARS virus emerged that there, and under conditions that are comparable, before killing nearly 800 and dispersing across the planet. This video explains how China’s people are victims of those conditions that resulted in this coronavirus pandemic.

Cultures and many nations are impacting, and there’s never a justification for racism or xenophobia. Both SARS and COVID-19 are from the”coronavirus” household, and both seem to have emerged out of critters in China’s notorious wildlife niches. Pros had predicted these markets, understood to be sources of disorder, would allow another outbreak. Also, the wildlife trade that supports them, along with the markets, would be the difficulty of the pandemics; before this problem is solved by China, more will emerge.

As the expert, Peter Li points out in the video, “The majority of the people in China do not eat wildlife animals. Those people who consume these wildlife animals are the rich and the powerful –a small minority.”

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