GitHub goes free for all users for all of its core features

, GitHub goes free for all users for all of its core features

What is Github?

GitHub is one of the most popular ways out there for developers to host and share source code. Other similar providers and what distinguishes GitHub is the implementation of version-control systems. This makes it effortless to keep track of modifications, which comes in very handy for collaborative projects. GitHub permitted free private repositories for teams last year up to three collaborators.

Now, GitHub has announced that all of its core features will be accessible for free for all users. Its Android app has also received a minor update that addresses complaints.


GitHub’s Pricing Changes

GitHub’s latest announcement implies that all consumers, such as those now on a free account, can finally have free unlimited personal repositories with unlimited collaborators for everybody. This also goes to teams using the service for commercial purposes up to 2,000 minutes a month of free access to GitHub Actions.

Here are the plan and pricing changes that GitHub announced:

  • GitHub Free for organizations is immediately available and includes private repositories for unlimited users
  • All organizations previously using Team for Open Source now have GitHub Free
  • Free tier for individual developers now includes unlimited collaborators
  • Organizations and individuals using Free tier will receive Community Support
  • Pro tier will now include 2GB of Packages storage and 10GB of data transfer
  • Pro tier now has a reduced monthly price of $4
  • Team tier now has a reduced monthly price of $4 per user with no minimum seat requirement
  • Team tier will include 3,000 Actions minutes per month for private repositories after May 14

“We’re switching GitHub from a pay-for-privacy model to pay-for-features, what’s typically called freemium — you may have heard of it. The way I think about it is we want every developer and team on earth to be able to use GitHub for their development, whether it’s private or public development. It’s a fundamental change to the business architecture of GitHub. That’s the thing we can think about internally — the thing that everyone else can think about is: they can just use GitHub now, for whatever reason. If you’re starting a startup or if you’re a team inside of a big company and you just want to use GitHub — no credit card required, no budget required — you can just set your team up,” said GitHub CEO Mr. Nat Friedman

GitHub has clearly stated that these modifications were already on the roadmap and not temporary sue to the increased activity in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The FAQ on GitHub mentions that unlimited collaborators on the Free-Tier are a permanent change.

GitHub for Android

Together with the changes, GitHub also rolled out an upgrade to its new Android App. The v1.1 has updates to a number of the significant complaints and oversights within the current android app, such as bringing over the ability to switch branches in a repository, create new issues, and view the individual commits in a pull request.

Changelog for the v1.1 update:

  • Type @ in a comment, issue, or review to show a list of relevant users
  • Switch branches when browsing repositories
  • View a list of commits in pull requests or repositories
  • Create new issues using issue templates
  • Easily quote & reply to comments
  • Select from your saved replies when leaving comments

The update is already live on the Google Play Store.

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