How Coronavirus Got Out And Became Worldwide? A Simple Explanation

, How Coronavirus Got Out And Became Worldwide? A Simple Explanation

How coronavirus spread to the virtually every corner of the world? Here is simple explanation analyzed by New York Times in an article published March 22.

  1. Coronavirus presumably started at Wuhan seafood market where it transmitted from animal to human
  2. At first there were 4 cases reported in November 2019
  3. Those 4 cases soon became nearly 1000 or more by end of December
  4. Doctors started realizing that sick people had viral pneumonia that did not respond to the usual treatments.
  5. By the time each patient may have infected 2 or 3 on average.
  6. China alerted WHO only by December 31 about the virus but also assured that “The disease is preventable and controllable,”.
  7. Meanwhile travel continued from and to Wuhan
  8. The came Lunar New Year when millions of people were about to travel back to their hometowns
  9. On January 1,75,000 people left Wuhan
  10. For next 3 weeks departure from Wuhan accelerated and almost 7 millions people left Wuhan before travel was banned
  11. Finally, on January 21 Chinese officials acknowledged the risk of human-to-human transmission
  12. Two days later on January 23 China locked down Wuhan and travel across China nearly stopped.
  13. Until now international travel continued as normal
  14. Soon coronavirus cases were being reported across many countries.


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