This is how China, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan Brought Coronavirus Under Control

Fast-moving coronavirus has brought the world to halt.  A quarter of the world population is under lockdown. But despite the tribble outbreak coronavirus spread can still be turned back. At least that is what experiences of China, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan say. Below are the lessons to be learned.

  1. The coronavirus more often infects clusters of family members, friends and work colleagues.
  2. No one is sure why the virus travels in this way. But it does.
  3. But isolation is key. So, China, S Korea, Taiwan, etc focused on isolating the infected and suspected cases
  4. If you are confirmed case you won’t be sent back to home but kept at isolation centers be it gym/school etc
  5. Trace the contact, test them and learn about their exposure.
  6. For contact tracing South Korea used phone, credit card data, and GPS to figure out who you might have come into contact with.
  7. A GPS tracker was put on all quarantined. Any violation invited steep fine.
  8. Fever was another key point. In China, they checked temperature everywhere buses, metros, restaurants, etc every day multiple times.
  9. For any slight fever, you were immediately sent to a clinic to further determine covid-19 symptoms
  10. Then lockdown. In China, it was done quickly and completely. The city of Wuhan was shutdown where there were only 500 cases and 17 deaths
  11. And last public engagement. Chinese government aggressively started “Fight On, Wuhan! Fight on, China” to bring the whole country together to fight pandemic spread.
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