Which Zones Come In Red (Hotspot), Orange, Green Districts In India? (Read The Full List Here)

, Which Zones Come In Red (Hotspot), Orange, Green Districts In India? (Read The Full List Here)

As the second phase of lockdown nears its end, the number of cCoronavirusor COVID-19 hotspots, or “red zones,” across India witnessed a drop of around 23 per cent in 15 days, from 170 on April 15 to 130 on April 30.

All four significant metropolitans – Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai – have been classified as red zones.

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However, in the same period, the number of “green zones,” or districts reporting no new case linked to Coronavirus dropped, while the number of “orange zones” increased, as per a letter from the Union Health Ministry to the chief secretaries of all states and union territories, following a video conference yesterday.

“It is important to ensure that we identify pockets of critical interventions for a focused management of COVID -19 at the field level,” Union Health Ministry Secretary Preeti Sudan said in a letter to the Chief Secretaries of all states and UTs.

The government has also changed the criterion to identify the hotspots. Now, a district needs to be infection-free for 21 days to be designated as “green,” or virus-free. Previously this number was 28 days.

Uttar Pradesh has the maximum 19 red zones followed by Maharashtra, which has 14 red zones. Tamil Nadu comes next with 12 red zones followed by Delhi, which has 11 red zones. West Bengal is in fifth place with ten red zones.

The maximum number of “green” zones are in the Northeastern states. While Assam has 30 such areas, Arunachal Pradesh has 25, Manipur 16, Meghalaya 10, and Mizoram and Nagaland have 11 each. Tripura has six and Sikkim four.

India recorded its most significant single-day spike in new coronavirus cases on Friday, with 1,993 being reported in the past 24 hours; this includes 73 deaths. The total number of cases in the country has crossed 35,000, with 1,147 deaths.


South AndamansAndaman And Nicobar IslandsRed Zone
NicobarsAndaman And Nicobar IslandsGreen Zone
North And Middle AndamanAndaman And Nicobar IslandsGreen Zone
KurnoolAndhra PradeshRed Zone
GunturAndhra PradeshRed Zone
KrishnaAndhra PradeshRed Zone
ChittoorAndhra PradeshRed Zone
Spsr NelloreAndhra PradeshRed Zone
West GodavariAndhra PradeshOrange Zone
Y.S.R.Andhra PradeshOrange Zone
AnantapurAndhra PradeshOrange Zone
PrakasamAndhra PradeshOrange Zone
East GodavariAndhra PradeshOrange Zone
SrikakulamAndhra PradeshOrange Zone
VisakhapatanamAndhra PradeshOrange Zone
VizianagaramAndhra PradeshGreen Zone
LohitArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
ChanglangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Dibang ValleyArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
East KamengArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
East SiangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
KurungKumeyArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Lower Dibang ValleyArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Lower SubansiriArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Papum PareArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
TawangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
TirapArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Upper SiangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Upper SubansiriArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
West KamengArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
West SiangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
AnjawArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
LongdingArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
KraDaadiArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
NamsaiArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
SiangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
KamleArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Lower SiangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
PakkeKessangArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
LeparadaArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
Shi YomiArunachal PradeshGreen Zone
DhubriAssamOrange Zone
MarigaonAssamOrange Zone
GoalparaAssamOrange Zone
GolaghatAssamGreen Zone
KarimganjAssamGreen Zone
NalbariAssamGreen Zone
HailakandiAssamGreen Zone
CacharAssamGreen Zone
KamrupAssamGreen Zone
LakhimpurAssamGreen Zone
Kamrup MetroAssamGreen Zone
South SalmaraMancacharAssamGreen Zone
BarpetaAssamGreen Zone
BongaigaonAssamGreen Zone
DarrangAssamGreen Zone
DhemajiAssamGreen Zone
DibrugarhAssamGreen Zone
JorhatAssamGreen Zone
KarbiAnglongAssamGreen Zone
KokrajharAssamGreen Zone
NagaonAssamGreen Zone
Dima HasaoAssamGreen Zone
SivasagarAssamGreen Zone
SonitpurAssamGreen Zone
TinsukiaAssamGreen Zone
ChirangAssamGreen Zone
BaksaAssamGreen Zone
UdalguriAssamGreen Zone
BiswanathAssamGreen Zone
MajuliAssamGreen Zone
CharaideoAssamGreen Zone
HojaiAssamGreen Zone
West KarbiAnglongAssamGreen Zone
MungerBiharRed Zone
PatnaBiharRed Zone
RohtasBiharRed Zone
BuxarBiharRed Zone
GayaBiharRed Zone
NalandaBiharOrange Zone
Kaimur (Bhabua)BiharOrange Zone
SiwanBiharOrange Zone
GopalganjBiharOrange Zone
BhojpurBiharOrange Zone
BegusaraiBiharOrange Zone
AurangabadBiharOrange Zone
MadhubaniBiharOrange Zone
PurbiChamparanBiharOrange Zone
BhagalpurBiharOrange Zone
ArwalBiharOrange Zone
SaranBiharOrange Zone
NawadaBiharOrange Zone
LakhisaraiBiharOrange Zone
BankaBiharOrange Zone
VaishaliBiharOrange Zone
DarbhangaBiharOrange Zone
JehanabadBiharOrange Zone
MadhepuraBiharOrange Zone
PurniaBiharOrange Zone
SheikhpuraBiharGreen Zone
ArariaBiharGreen Zone
JamuiBiharGreen Zone
KatiharBiharGreen Zone
KhagariaBiharGreen Zone
KishanganjBiharGreen Zone
MuzaffarpurBiharGreen Zone
Pashchim ChamparanBiharGreen Zone
SaharsaBiharGreen Zone
SamastipurBiharGreen Zone
SheoharBiharGreen Zone
SitamarhiBiharGreen Zone
SupaulBiharGreen Zone
ChandigarhChandigarhRed Zone
RaipurChhattisgarhRed Zone
KorbaChhattisgarhOrange Zone
SurajpurChhattisgarhGreen Zone
BilaspurChhattisgarhGreen Zone
DurgChhattisgarhGreen Zone
RajnandgaonChhattisgarhGreen Zone
BastarChhattisgarhGreen Zone
DantewadaChhattisgarhGreen Zone
DhamtariChhattisgarhGreen Zone
Janjgir-ChampaChhattisgarhGreen Zone
JashpurChhattisgarhGreen Zone
KankerChhattisgarhGreen Zone
KabirdhamChhattisgarhGreen Zone
KoreaChhattisgarhGreen Zone
MahasamundChhattisgarhGreen Zone
RaigarhChhattisgarhGreen Zone
SurgujaChhattisgarhGreen Zone
BijapurChhattisgarhGreen Zone
NarayanpurChhattisgarhGreen Zone
SukmaChhattisgarhGreen Zone
KondagaonChhattisgarhGreen Zone
Baloda BazarChhattisgarhGreen Zone
GariyabandChhattisgarhGreen Zone
BalodChhattisgarhGreen Zone
MungeliChhattisgarhGreen Zone
BalrampurChhattisgarhGreen Zone
BemetaraChhattisgarhGreen Zone
Dadra And Nagar HaveliDadra And Nagar HaveliGreen Zone
DamanDaman And DiuGreen Zone
DiuDaman And DiuGreen Zone
South EastDelhiRed Zone
CentralDelhiRed Zone
NorthDelhiRed Zone
SouthDelhiRed Zone
North EastDelhiRed Zone
WestDelhiRed Zone
ShahdaraDelhiRed Zone
EastDelhiRed Zone
New DelhiDelhiRed Zone
North WestDelhiRed Zone
South WestDelhiRed Zone
North GoaGoaGreen Zone
South GoaGoaGreen Zone
AhmadabadGujaratRed Zone
SuratGujaratRed Zone
VadodaraGujaratRed Zone
AnandGujaratRed Zone
Banas KanthaGujaratRed Zone
PanchMahalsGujaratRed Zone
BhavnagarGujaratRed Zone
GandhinagarGujaratRed Zone
ArvalliGujaratRed Zone
RajkotGujaratOrange Zone
BharuchGujaratOrange Zone
BotadGujaratOrange Zone
NarmadaGujaratOrange Zone
ChhotaudepurGujaratOrange Zone
MahisagarGujaratOrange Zone
MahesanaGujaratOrange Zone
PatanGujaratOrange Zone
KhedaGujaratOrange Zone
ValsadGujaratOrange Zone
DohadGujaratOrange Zone
KachchhGujaratOrange Zone
NaysariGujaratOrange Zone
GirSomnathGujaratOrange Zone
DangGujaratOrange Zone
SabarKanthaGujaratOrange Zone
TapiGujaratOrange Zone
JamnagarGujaratOrange Zone
SurendranagarGujaratOrange Zone
MorbiGujaratGreen Zone
AmreliGujaratGreen Zone
PorbandarGujaratGreen Zone
JunagadhGujaratGreen Zone
DevbhumiDwarkaGujaratGreen Zone
SonipatHaryanaRed Zone
FaridabadHaryanaRed Zone
GurugramHaryanaOrange Zone
NuhHaryanaOrange Zone
PanipatHaryanaOrange Zone
PanchkulaHaryanaOrange Zone
PalwalHaryanaOrange Zone
RohtakHaryanaOrange Zone
HisarHaryanaOrange Zone
AmbalaHaryanaOrange Zone
JhajjarHaryanaOrange Zone
BhiwaniHaryanaOrange Zone
KaithalHaryanaOrange Zone
KurukshetraHaryanaOrange Zone
KarnalHaryanaOrange Zone
JindHaryanaOrange Zone
SirsaHaryanaOrange Zone
YamunanagarHaryanaOrange Zone
FatehabadHaryanaOrange Zone
CharkiDadriHaryanaOrange Zone
MahendragarhHaryanaGreen Zone
RewariHaryanaGreen Zone
UnaHimachal PradeshOrange Zone
ChambaHimachal PradeshOrange Zone
HamirpurHimachal PradeshOrange Zone
KangraHimachal PradeshOrange Zone
SirmaurHimachal PradeshOrange Zone
SolanHimachal PradeshOrange Zone
BilaspurHimachal PradeshGreen Zone
KinnaurHimachal PradeshGreen Zone
KuIluHimachal PradeshGreen Zone
Lahaul And SpitiHimachal PradeshGreen Zone
MandiHimachal PradeshGreen Zone
ShimlaHimachal PradeshGreen Zone
BandiporaJammu And KashmirRed Zone
ShopianJammu And KashmirRed Zone
AnantnagJammu And KashmirRed Zone
SrinagarJammu And KashmirRed Zone
BaramullaJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
KupwaraJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
GanderbalJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
JammuJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
UdhampurJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
KulgamJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
BudgamJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
SambaJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
KathuaJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
RajouriJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
RambanJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
ReasiJammu And KashmirOrange Zone
PulwamaJammu And KashmirGreen Zone
KishtwarJammu And KashmirGreen Zone
DodaJammu And KashmirGreen Zone
PoonchJammu And KashmirGreen Zone
RanchiJharkhandRed Zone
BokaroJharkhandOrange Zone
GarhwaJharkhandOrange Zone
DhanbadJharkhandOrange Zone
DeogharJharkhandOrange Zone
HazaribaghJharkhandOrange Zone
SimdegaJharkhandOrange Zone
GiridihJharkhandOrange Zone
KodermaJharkhandOrange Zone
JamtaraJharkhandOrange Zone
ChatraJharkhandGreen Zone
DumkaJharkhandGreen Zone
East SinghbumJharkhandGreen Zone
GoddaJharkhandGreen Zone
GumlaJharkhandGreen Zone
LateharJharkhandGreen Zone
LohardagaJharkhandGreen Zone
PakurJharkhandGreen Zone
PalamuJharkhandGreen Zone
SahebganjJharkhandGreen Zone
SaraikelaKharsawanJharkhandGreen Zone
West SinghbhumJharkhandGreen Zone
KhuntiJharkhandGreen Zone
RamgarhJharkhandGreen Zone
Bengaluru UrbanKarnatakaRed Zone
MysuruKarnatakaRed Zone
Bengaluru RuralKarnatakaRed Zone
BelagaviKarnatakaOrange Zone
VijayapuraKarnatakaOrange Zone
KalaburagiKarnatakaOrange Zone
BagalkoteKarnatakaOrange Zone
MandyaKarnatakaOrange Zone
BallariKarnatakaOrange Zone
DharwadKarnatakaOrange Zone
Dakshina KannadaKarnatakaOrange Zone
BidarKarnatakaOrange Zone
ChikkaballapuraKarnatakaOrange Zone
GadagKarnatakaOrange Zone
Uttara KannadaKarnatakaOrange Zone
TumakuruKarnatakaOrange Zone
DavangereKarnatakaGreen Zone
UdupiKarnatakaGreen Zone
ChamarajanagaraKarnatakaGreen Zone
ChikkamagaluruKarnatakaGreen Zone
ChitradurgaKarnatakaGreen Zone
HassanKarnatakaGreen Zone
HaveriKarnatakaGreen Zone
KodaguKarnatakaGreen Zone
KolarKarnatakaGreen Zone
KoppalKarnatakaGreen Zone
RaichurKarnatakaGreen Zone
ShivamoggaKarnatakaGreen Zone
RamanagaraKarnatakaGreen Zone
YadgirKarnatakaGreen Zone
KannurKeralaRed Zone
KottayamKeralaRed Zone
KasaragodKeralaOrange Zone
IdukkiKeralaOrange Zone
KozhikodeKeralaOrange Zone
KollamKeralaOrange Zone
PalakkadKeralaOrange Zone
PathanamthittaKeralaOrange Zone
MalappuramKeralaOrange Zone
ThiruvananthapuramKeralaOrange Zone
AlappuzhaKeralaOrange Zone
ThrissurKeralaOrange Zone
ErnakulamKeralaGreen Zone
WayanadKeralaGreen Zone
LehLadakhLadakhOrange Zone
KargilLadakhOrange Zone
Lakshadweep DistrictLakshadweepGreen Zone
IndoreMadhya PradeshRed Zone
BhopalMadhya PradeshRed Zone
UjjainMadhya PradeshRed Zone
JabalpurMadhya PradeshRed Zone
DharMadhya PradeshRed Zone
BarwaniMadhya PradeshRed Zone
East NimarMadhya PradeshRed Zone
DewasMadhya PradeshRed Zone
GwaliorMadhya PradeshRed Zone
KhargoneMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
RaisenMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
HoshangabadMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
RatlamMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
Agar MalwaMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
MandsaurMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
SagarMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
ShajapurMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
ChhindwaraMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
AlirajpurMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
TikamgarhMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
ShandolMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
SheopurMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
DindoriMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
BurhanpurMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
HardaMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
BetulMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
VidishaMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
MorenaMadhya PradeshOrange Zone
RewaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
AshoknagarMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
RajgarhMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
ShivpuriMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
AnuppurMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
BalaghatMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
BhindMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
ChhatarpurMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
DamohMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
DatiaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
GunaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
JhabuaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
KatniMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
MandlaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
NarsinghpurMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
NeemuchMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
PannaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
SatnaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
SehoreMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
SeoniMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
SidhiMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
UmariaMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
SingrauliMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
NiwariMadhya PradeshGreen Zone
MumbaiMaharashtraRed Zone
PuneMaharashtraRed Zone
ThaneMaharashtraRed Zone
NashikMaharashtraRed Zone
PalgharMaharashtraRed Zone
NagpurMaharashtraRed Zone
SolapurMaharashtraRed Zone
YavatmalMaharashtraRed Zone
AurangabadMaharashtraRed Zone
SataraMaharashtraRed Zone
DhuleMaharashtraRed Zone
AkolaMaharashtraRed Zone
JalgaonMaharashtraRed Zone
Mumbai SuburbanMaharashtraRed Zone
RaigadMaharashtraOrange Zone
AhmednagarMaharashtraOrange Zone
AmravatiMaharashtraOrange Zone
BuldhanaMaharashtraOrange Zone
NandurbarMaharashtraOrange Zone
KolhapurMaharashtraOrange Zone
HingoliMaharashtraOrange Zone
RatnagiriMaharashtraOrange Zone
JalnaMaharashtraOrange Zone
NandedMaharashtraOrange Zone
ChandrapurMaharashtraOrange Zone
ParbhaniMaharashtraOrange Zone
SangliMaharashtraOrange Zone
LaturMaharashtraOrange Zone
BhandaraMaharashtraOrange Zone
BeedMaharashtraOrange Zone
OsmanabadMaharashtraGreen Zone
WashimMaharashtraGreen Zone
SindhudurgMaharashtraGreen Zone
GondiaMaharashtraGreen Zone
GadchiroliMaharashtraGreen Zone
WardhaMaharashtraGreen Zone
Innphal WestManipurGreen Zone
ThoubalManipurGreen Zone
BishnupurManipurGreen Zone
ChandelManipurGreen Zone
ChurachandpurManipurGreen Zone
Imphal EastManipurGreen Zone
SenapatiManipurGreen Zone
TamenglongManipurGreen Zone
UkhrulManipurGreen Zone
KakchingManipurGreen Zone
KangpokpiManipurGreen Zone
JiribamManipurGreen Zone
NoneyManipurGreen Zone
PherzawlManipurGreen Zone
TengnoupalManipurGreen Zone
KamjongManipurGreen Zone
East Khasi HillsMeghalayaOrange Zone
East Garo HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
West Jaintia HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
RiBhoiMeghalayaGreen Zone
South Garo HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
West Garo HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
West Khasi HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
North Garo HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
East Jaintia HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
South West Khasi HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
South West Garo HillsMeghalayaGreen Zone
AizawlMizoramGreen Zone
ChamphaiMizoramGreen Zone
KolasibMizoramGreen Zone
LawngtlaiMizoramGreen Zone
LungleiMizoramGreen Zone
MamitMizoramGreen Zone
SaihaMizoramGreen Zone
SerchhipMizoramGreen Zone
HnahthialMizoramGreen Zone
SaitualMizoramGreen Zone
KhawzawlMizoramGreen Zone
DimapurNagalandGreen Zone
KohimaNagalandGreen Zone
MokokchungNagalandGreen Zone
MonNagalandGreen Zone
PhekNagalandGreen Zone
TuensangNagalandGreen Zone
WokhaNagalandGreen Zone
ZunhebotoNagalandGreen Zone
PerenNagalandGreen Zone
KiphireNagalandGreen Zone
LonglengNagalandGreen Zone
JajapurOdishaRed Zone
BhadrakOdishaRed Zone
BaleshwarOdishaRed Zone
KhordhaOdishaOrange Zone
SundargarhOdishaOrange Zone
KendraparaOdishaOrange Zone
KoraputOdishaOrange Zone
DhenkanalOdishaOrange Zone
KalahandiOdishaOrange Zone
CuttackOdishaGreen Zone
PuriOdishaGreen Zone
AnugulOdishaGreen Zone
BalangirOdishaGreen Zone
BargarhOdishaGreen Zone
BoudhOdishaGreen Zone
DeogarhOdishaGreen Zone
GajapatiOdishaGreen Zone
GanjamOdishaGreen Zone
JagatsinghapurOdishaGreen Zone
JharsugudaOdishaGreen Zone
KandhamalOdishaGreen Zone
KendujharOdishaGreen Zone
MalkangiriOdishaGreen Zone
MayurbhanjOdishaGreen Zone
NabarangpurOdishaGreen Zone
NayagarhOdishaGreen Zone
NuapadaOdishaGreen Zone
RayagadaOdishaGreen Zone
SambalpurOdishaGreen Zone
SonepurOdishaGreen Zone
PondicherryPuducherryOrange Zone
KaraikalPuducherryGreen Zone
MahePuducherryGreen Zone
YanamPuducherryGreen Zone
JalandharPunjabRed Zone
PatialaPunjabRed Zone
LudhianaPunjabRed Zone
S.A.S NagarPunjabOrange Zone
PathankotPunjabOrange Zone
MansaPunjabOrange Zone
Tarn TaranPunjabOrange Zone
AmritsarPunjabOrange Zone
KapurthalaPunjabOrange Zone
HoshiarpurPunjabOrange Zone
FaridkotPunjabOrange Zone
SangrurPunjabOrange Zone
Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahr)PunjabOrange Zone
FirozepurPunjabOrange Zone
Sri Muktsar SahibPunjabOrange Zone
MogaPunjabOrange Zone
GurdaspurPunjabOrange Zone
BarnalaPunjabOrange Zone
Rupnagar (Ropar)PunjabGreen Zone
Fatehgarh SahibPunjabGreen Zone
BathindaPunjabGreen Zone
FazilkaPunjabGreen Zone
JaipurRajasthanRed Zone
JodhpurRajasthanRed Zone
KotaRajasthanRed Zone
AjmerRajasthanRed Zone
BharatpurRajasthanRed Zone
NagaurRajasthanRed Zone
BanswaraRajasthanRed Zone
JhalawarRajasthanRed Zone
TonkRajasthanOrange Zone
JaisalmerRajasthanOrange Zone
DausaRajasthanOrange Zone
JhunjhunuRajasthanOrange Zone
HanumangarhRajasthanOrange Zone
BhilwaraRajasthanOrange Zone
SawaiMadhopurRajasthanOrange Zone
ChittorgarhRajasthanOrange Zone
DungarpurRajasthanOrange Zone
UdaipurRajasthanOrange Zone
DholpurRajasthanOrange Zone
SikarRajasthanOrange Zone
AlwarRajasthanOrange Zone
BikanerRajasthanOrange Zone
ChuruRajasthanOrange Zone
PaliRajasthanOrange Zone
BarmerRajasthanOrange Zone
KarauliRajasthanOrange Zone
RajsamandRajasthanOrange Zone
BaranRajasthanGreen Zone
BundiRajasthanGreen Zone
GanganagarRajasthanGreen Zone
JaloreRajasthanGreen Zone
SirohiRajasthanGreen Zone
PratapgarhRajasthanGreen Zone
North DistrictSikkimGreen Zone
East DistrictSikkimGreen Zone
South DistrictSikkimGreen Zone
West DistrictSikkimGreen Zone
ChennaiTamil NaduRed Zone
MaduraiTamil NaduRed Zone
NamakkalTamil NaduRed Zone
ThanjavurTamil NaduRed Zone
ChengalpattuTamil NaduRed Zone
ThiruvallurTamil NaduRed Zone
TiruppurTamil NaduRed Zone
RanipetTamil NaduRed Zone
VirudhunagarTamil NaduRed Zone
ThiruvarurTamil NaduRed Zone
VelloreTamil NaduRed Zone
KanchipuramTamil NaduRed Zone
TheniTamil NaduOrange Zone
TenkasiTamil NaduOrange Zone
NagapattinamTamil NaduOrange Zone
DindigulTamil NaduOrange Zone
VillupuramTamil NaduOrange Zone
CoimbatoreTamil NaduOrange Zone
CuddaloreTamil NaduOrange Zone
SalemTamil NaduOrange Zone
KarurTamil NaduOrange Zone
TuticorinTamil NaduOrange Zone
TiruchirappalliTamil NaduOrange Zone
TirupathurTamil NaduOrange Zone
KanniyakumariTamil NaduOrange Zone
TiruvannamalaiTamil NaduOrange Zone
RamanathapuramTamil NaduOrange Zone
TirunelveliTamil NaduOrange Zone
The NilgirisTamil NaduOrange Zone
SivagangaTamil NaduOrange Zone
PerambalurTamil NaduOrange Zone
KallakurichiTamil NaduOrange Zone
AriyalurTamil NaduOrange Zone
ErodeTamil NaduOrange Zone
PudukkottaiTamil NaduOrange Zone
DharmapuriTamil NaduOrange Zone
KrishnagiriTamil NaduGreen Zone
HyderabadTelanganaRed Zone
SuryapetTelanganaRed Zone
Ranga ReddyTelanganaRed Zone
MedchalMalkajgiriTelanganaRed Zone
VikarabadTelanganaRed Zone
Warangal UrbanTelanganaRed Zone
NizamabadTelanganaOrange Zone
Jogulamba GadwalTelanganaOrange Zone
NirmalTelanganaOrange Zone
NalgondaTelanganaOrange Zone
AdilabadTelanganaOrange Zone
SangareddyTelanganaOrange Zone
KamareddyTelanganaOrange Zone
Kumuram Bheem AsifabadTelanganaOrange Zone
KarimnagarTelanganaOrange Zone
KhammamTelanganaOrange Zone
MahabubnagarTelanganaOrange Zone
JagitialTelanganaOrange Zone
RajannaSircillaTelanganaOrange Zone
Jayashankar BhupalapallyTelanganaOrange Zone
MedakTelanganaOrange Zone
JangoanTelanganaOrange Zone
NarayanpetTelanganaOrange Zone
MancherialTelanganaOrange Zone
PeddapalliTelanganaGreen Zone
NagarkurnoolTelanganaGreen Zone
MuluguTelanganaGreen Zone
Bhadradri KothagudemTelanganaGreen Zone
MahabubabadTelanganaGreen Zone
SiddipetTelanganaGreen Zone
Warangal RuralTelanganaGreen Zone
WanaparthyTelanganaGreen Zone
YadadriBhuvanagiriTelanganaGreen Zone
North TripuraTripuraOrange Zone
GomatiTripuraOrange Zone
DhalaiTripuraGreen Zone
South TripuraTripuraGreen Zone
West TripuraTripuraGreen Zone
KhowaiTripuraGreen Zone
SepahijalaTripuraGreen Zone
UnakotiTripuraGreen Zone
AgraUttar PradeshRed Zone
LucknowUttar PradeshRed Zone
SaharanpurUttar PradeshRed Zone
Kanpur NagarUttar PradeshRed Zone
MoradabadUttar PradeshRed Zone
FirozabadUttar PradeshRed Zone
Gautam Buddha NagarUttar PradeshRed Zone
BulandshahrUttar PradeshRed Zone
MeerutUttar PradeshRed Zone
Rae BareliUttar PradeshRed Zone
VaranasiUttar PradeshRed Zone
BijnorUttar PradeshRed Zone
AmrohaUttar PradeshRed Zone
Sant Kabeer NagarUttar PradeshRed Zone
AligarhUttar PradeshRed Zone
MuzaffarnagarUttar PradeshRed Zone
RampurUttar PradeshRed Zone
MathuraUttar PradeshRed Zone
BareillyUttar PradeshRed Zone
GhaziabadUttar PradeshOrange Zone
HapurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BaghpatUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BastiUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BudaunUttar PradeshOrange Zone
SambhalUttar PradeshOrange Zone
AuraiyaUttar PradeshOrange Zone
ShamliUttar PradeshOrange Zone
SitapurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BahraichUttar PradeshOrange Zone
KannaujUttar PradeshOrange Zone
AzamgarhUttar PradeshOrange Zone
MainpuriUttar PradeshOrange Zone
ShravastiUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BandaUttar PradeshOrange Zone
JaunpurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
EtahUttar PradeshOrange Zone
KasganjUttar PradeshOrange Zone
SultanpurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
PrayagrajUttar PradeshOrange Zone
JalaunUttar PradeshOrange Zone
MirzapurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
EtawahUttar PradeshOrange Zone
PratapgarhUttar PradeshOrange Zone
GhazipurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
GondaUttar PradeshOrange Zone
MauUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BhadohiUttar PradeshOrange Zone
UnnaoUttar PradeshOrange Zone
PilibhitUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BalrampurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
AyodhyaUttar PradeshOrange Zone
GorakhpurUttar PradeshOrange Zone
JhansiUttar PradeshOrange Zone
HardoiUttar PradeshOrange Zone
KaushambiUttar PradeshOrange Zone
BarabankiUttar PradeshGreen Zone
KheriUttar PradeshGreen Zone
HathrasUttar PradeshGreen Zone
MaharajganjUttar PradeshGreen Zone
ShahjahanpurUttar PradeshGreen Zone
Ambedkar NagarUttar PradeshGreen Zone
BalliaUttar PradeshGreen Zone
ChandauliUttar PradeshGreen Zone
ChitrakootUttar PradeshGreen Zone
DeoriaUttar PradeshGreen Zone
FarrukhabadUttar PradeshGreen Zone
FatehpurUttar PradeshGreen Zone
HamirpurUttar PradeshGreen Zone
Kanpur DehatUttar PradeshGreen Zone
Kushi NagarUttar PradeshGreen Zone
LalitpurUttar PradeshGreen Zone
MahobaUttar PradeshGreen Zone
Siddharth NagarUttar PradeshGreen Zone
SonbhadraUttar PradeshGreen Zone
AmethiUttar PradeshGreen Zone
HaridwarUttarakhandRed Zone
DehradunUttarakhandOrange Zone
NainitalUttarakhandOrange Zone
Udam Singh NagarUttarakhandGreen Zone
AlmoraUttarakhandGreen Zone
PauriGarhwalUttarakhandGreen Zone
BageshwarUttarakhandGreen Zone
ChamoliUttarakhandGreen Zone
ChampawatUttarakhandGreen Zone
PithoragarhUttarakhandGreen Zone
RudraPrayagUttarakhandGreen Zone
Tehri GarhwalUttarakhandGreen Zone
Uttar KashiUttarakhandGreen Zone
KolkataWest BengalRed Zone
HowrahWest BengalRed Zone
24 Paraganas NorthWest BengalRed Zone
24 Paraganas SouthWest BengalRed Zone
Medinipur WestWest BengalRed Zone
Medinipur EastWest BengalRed Zone
DarjeelingWest BengalRed Zone
JalpaiguriWest BengalRed Zone
KalimpongWest BengalRed Zone
MaldahWest BengalRed Zone
HooghlyWest BengalOrange Zone
Paschim BardhamanWest BengalOrange Zone
NadiaWest BengalOrange Zone
Purba BardhamanWest BengalOrange Zone
MurshidabadWest BengalOrange Zone
Dinajpur UttarWest BengalGreen Zone
BankuraWest BengalGreen Zone
BirbhumWest BengalGreen Zone
CoochbeharWest BengalGreen Zone
Dinajpur DakshinWest BengalGreen Zone
PuruliaWest BengalGreen Zone
AlipurduarWest BengalGreen Zone
JhargramWest BengalGreen Zone

Lockdown Extended For 2 More Weeks But Some Parts of India To Open Up

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