Lockdown Extended For 2 More Weeks But Some Parts of India To Open Up

, Lockdown Extended For 2 More Weeks But Some Parts of India To Open Up

The national coronavirus lockdown is going to be extended by two weeks following May 4, the government authorities said today, noting substantial advantages from the six-week shutdown from India’s struggle to impede the spread of COVID-19.

Assessing the lockdown session for the second time, the Home Ministry announced new directions depending on the extent of the nation into the red (hotspot), green and orange zones.

Check out which zones come in Red (Hotspot), Orange, Green Districts In India.

While there’ll be substantial relaxations from the districts from the orange and green zones, a few bans will be used across the nation, whatever the grading.

  • Travelling by air, rail, metro, and interstate travel by road will also remain prohibited except when allowed by MHA.
  • Schools, colleges, and other educational and training institutes; hospitality providers such as restaurants and resorts; theatre halls, malls, shopping centers, fitness centers, and sports complexes may also remain closed.
  • Social, political, cultural, and spiritual gatherings and places of worship may likewise not restart for today. Movement of individuals by air, road, and rail will be allowed only for functions and purposes as approved by the home ministry, state the guidelines.
  • The government has allowed special trains to take migrants stranded throughout the country for their home. The new guidelines state “for its well-being and security” of individuals, the movement for most extra-curricular activities will likely be prohibited between 7 pm and 7 am. Legislation, like Section 144, which prevents large parties, will be used to apply this.
  • In most zones, men over 65 years old, people with co-morbidities, pregnant women and kids under ten will remain in the home, except for vital functions.
  • Out-Patient Departments (OPDs) and healthcare practices shall be allowed to function in most regions, but containment zones, together with social distancing standards and other security measures. No activity is permitted from containment zones except much crucial movement, and there’ll be surveillance and house-to-house checks.
  • All goods transport traffic will be permitted between states, without passes.
  • In “Red Zones,” which have the most number of COVID-19 cases, cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws; taxis and cab aggregators, intra-district and inter-district buses; barbershops, spas, and salons will remain closed.
  • Automobiles with no more than two persons aside from the driver and two-wheelers using one rider is going to be permitted in red zones.
  • Building activities in metropolitan areas are restricted to employees readily available on the site, not brought in from outside.
  • Standalone (single) stores, local (colony) stores and stores in residential complexes are allowed to stay open in urban regions, whether for essential or non-essential goods.
  • Personal offices can function with as much as 33% power, together with all the remainder on work at home.
  • In red zones, all of the construction and industrial tasks, food-processing units, and brick-kilns are allowed; all stores, except in shopping malls, will be permitted. Agricultural activities also have been granted.
  • Print and digital media, IT and IT-enabled providers call and data centres, cold storage and warehousing services, personal security and facility management solutions, and services supplied by self-employed individuals like electricians and technicians will be permitted (not barbers).
  • From the Orange Zones, taxis and taxi aggregators will be allowed with a single driver and one passenger.
  • The inter-district motion of vehicles and individuals will be permitted for allowed activities only.
  • Automobiles can possess two passengers aside from the motorist, and pillion riding will be permitted on two-wheelers.
  • From the Green Zones, all actions will reopen except people prohibited throughout the nation. But in these regions, buses may function with upto 50% seat capacity.

Check out which zones come in Red (Hotspot), Orange, Green Districts In India.

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