Lockdown ‘breaks down’ as Poor Migrants Workers Head Back to Home!

Fear of hunger and losing livelihood coupled with government mismanagement have overshadowed the fear of coronavirus pandemic. At least that is what has been on display since the last couple of days as unprecedented numbers of migrant workers heading back home on feet or whatever they could afford despite nationwide lockdown.


At Delhi-Up border point there a massive crowd of migrant workers has assembled to head back to their home to UP and Bihar. Poor planning and lack of communication from both central and Delhi governments have resulted in a crisis that could be game-changer in India’s fight against coronavirus. Delhi government buses kept bringing the migrant workers till the UP bored at Anand Vihar bus terminal where the crowd keeps getting so big that looks like defeating the whole purpose of lockdown to fight virus spread.


India so far has been reasonably able to contain the spread of coronavirus as virus transmission hasn’t entered into stage 3 also known as community transmission. But there is a huge risk of stage 3 as Lakhs of poor migrant workers are heading back to their homes in UP, Bihar, Bengal, Odisha, Rajasthan, MP and elsewhere. Many migrants are already on feet to their respective home states public transport is closed due to 21 days lockdown. But now UP and other state governments are arranging buses to ferry their citizens.

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