High Risk of Rajasthan’s Bhilwara Becoming India’s First Community Transmission Hotspot!

Rajasthan’s Bhilwara city is an example of how negligence in taking precautions could potentially trigger a community outbreak. Bhilwara currently has now a total of 19 positive cases of coronavirus making its largest chunk in total Rajasthan tally of 43. In what could be a hint of cluster spread in Bhilwara, all those 19 cases were found in 457 samples of one specific area. It all started with the sheer negligence of a doctor at a private hospital who received guests who have recently returned from the middle east. The doctor infected other doctors at the same hospital who in turn transmitted the virus to other patients.

Govt has identified about 11,000 potential suspects who already have come in contact with other infected people. 6445 out of them are kept in a strict home to stop the spread. Govt fears there could many infected cases in the area particularly villages that directly came in contact with later confirmed cases. Bhilwara was first city to witness curfew due to coronavirus spread.

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