800 Indians Stranded In Iran Amid Commercial Flights Lockdown

, 800 Indians Stranded In Iran Amid Commercial Flights Lockdown

At least 800 Indians are stranded after the Indian government barred all commercial flights from Iran. At least 800 Indian nationals, 252 of whom have tested positive for COVID-19 commonly known as the novel coronavirus, are stranded in Iran with no clear path back home. Several of those still in Iran are healthy, but will not leave as they cannot abandon a sick family member in a foreign land.

There are also other Indian students and fishermen stranded in Iran. With nearly 14,000 COVID-19 cases and 724 deaths, Iran is the worst-hit nation after China and Italy.

The Government of India barred commercial flights from Iran on 26 February, stranding hundreds of Indians like the group of pilgrims from Ladakh. The Narendra Modi government says they have evacuated 334 Indians from Iran from March 10 to March 15.

“Evacuation does not mean we will bring everybody back,” Additional Secretary Dammu Ravi told reporters in New Delhi, last week. “Negative cases would be brought back.”


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