Facebook Gaming Android APP Launched: Watch and Share Live Gameplay

Gaming is increasing drastically these days and is one of the biggest industry to grow in these difficult times when most people are staying home. This has prompted many business leaders, such as Microsoft and Google, to establish their own streaming solutions.

Since its beginning, Facebook Gaming has increased at a steady pace and, although it may not be as popular as Twitch or YouTube, it’s been able to poach a few popular streamers apart from these types of platforms. In a bid to capitalize on the current expansion in viewership, Facebook has established a committed Facebook Gaming program on Android.

News concerning the newest Facebook Gaming program first surfaced online yesterday when a report from The New York Times maintained that a new app would be released on April 20th. As predicted, the android app is currently on the Google Play Store and consumers may download it to view and discuss live gameplay with only their mobiles.

The app allows users to talk about their gameplay directly in their mobiles and this is predicted to give an edge over rivals like Twitch, which needs users to a complex setup to stream mobile games on the platform.

You may register to your Facebook Gaming service with your FB accounts and begin streaming on the platform straight away. In the event you’re not seeking to begin your streaming anytime soon, you could also simply use the app to watch different streamers.

Moreover, the program also has support for instant games which you could enjoy without downloading them on your device. To make streaming and watching games a more social experience on the Facebook Gaming app, the company has also included a Connect feature that you can use to join existing gaming groups and connect with other users on the platform.

As of this moment, the Facebook Gaming program is only available on Android, however, the company intends to release the app onto iOS when it receives approval from Apple.

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